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Coercive Control: Practical Implications

From the Battered Women’s Justice Project

Content: Over the last 2 decades, England, Ireland, France, Scotland, & a number of other countries & thousands of service organizations world-wide have adapted coercive control as the framework for improving the response to interpersonal abuse & discarded definitions & practice models that narrowly emphasize violence or relegate the role of children to “witnesses”. What were the key frustrations with the justice & Refuge/Shelter response that led to the changes? What is the coercive control “framework”? Is it applicable in the U.S.? Drawing on examples from his forensic caseload & his recent experiences abroad, Dr. Stark will introduce coercive control as a practical model to improve assessment with women & children & as a political model to address violence against women as a “liberty crime.”

Presenters: Evan Stark, Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University

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