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Intersection of Faith and Domestic Violence

Dr. Oliver Williams, professor and leading expert in domestic violence in the African American community, will explain the historical challenges of domestic violence in faith communities and highlight tangible action steps to more holistically address domestic violence in contexts of faith. Dr. Williams will be co-presenting with Dr. Andy Johnson from Bethel University in St. Paul Minnesota, co-author of Religion and Men's Violence Against Women; Mrs. Elizabeth Petersen, MSW, Executive Director of SAFFI (South African Faith and Family Institute-Cape Town, South Africa); and Minister LaDonna Combs, Director of Prevention Sisters in Detroit, Michigan. This panel of faith leaders will dive into how to debunk gender roles and address domestic violence within communities of faith.

The objectives of this webinar are to:

  1. Educate service providers on the intersections of faith and domestic violence;

  2. Expand on how faith communities can be proponents of the intervention and prevention of domestic violence; and

  3. Explain how to interpret religious texts that center around gender and equality. 

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