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Trauma 101

Contra Costa County’s Alliance to End Abuse invites you to join us in this training to learn about the various types of trauma, toxic stress, vicarious trauma and ways to build resilience through self-care.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will learn to:

1. Recognize the impact of trauma on health, brain development and emotional well being.

2. List types of trauma and chronic adversities that impact individuals and families.

3. Identify vicarious trauma/compassion fatigue, and how it may impact client service delivery.

4. Apply this knowledge to their work.

***NOTE: Advanced registration and ticketed confirmation is REQUIRED for participation. This training has been capped to a participant size that optimizes learning. Please be respectful of this training opportunity and do not show up without a reserved seat.***

Is this training right for me?

Trauma 101 is relevant to a broad range of participants, including:

  • Crisis Intervention Specialists

  • Health Care Professionals

  • Mental Health Professionals

  • Public Benefits Specialists

  • Social/Human Service Providers

  • Community Members

  • Educators

  • Probation Officers