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The Alliance’s mission represents a deep commitment to helping individuals, organizations, and communities overcome the systemic conditions that contribute to abusive behaviors. At the community and organizational levels, the Alliance provides education and strives to increase trauma sensitivity in the workplace and inform leaders about the systemic impact of secondary and vicarious trauma.

In an attempt to streamline accurate, clear and unified information on human trafficking and trauma informed care, the Alliance has developed Human Trafficking 101 and Trauma 101 curriculum, which is offered free of service to audiences including community-based organizations, informal networks, and the broader community.

Human Trafficking 101 provides focused information on:

- Identification

- Vulnerabilities and red flags

- Community impact

- Trauma informed interventions

The Trauma 101 curriculum provides relevant information on:

- The impact of trauma on the brain

- The impact of trauma on behaviors 

- The impact of trauma on health

- Supporting wellness and resilience 


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